1. Jason Hsu
  • Title: Product Management Supervisor
  • Specialty: ODM/Custom Projects
    His love for cars was apparent, as early in his youth he was drawn towards toys with wheels. Jason brings this same passion for vehicles to his career in managing a team across various ODM sustaining projects. He has now been a part of the Advantech family for over a decade, leaving coincidentally, the automotive industry. While he dreams to own an RV to travel cross-country and camp in national parks with his wife, Jason pushes forward in his role full of energy and motivation. His key duty involves a pivotal role in cost management, which overseas factory coordination and commitment to customer satisfaction. Jason and his team work with all cross functional departments to ensure complete and timely project delivery. As a man with drive and enthusiasm for the task at hand, he also believes in the circle of Karma. He and his team continue to work collaboratively and look forward to seeing their positivity come full circle.
2. Thomas Lee
  • Title : Engineering Supervisor
  • Specialty: Electrical Mastermind
    Thomas has always had a curious and technical mind. He learned to solder his first electrical circuit job at age 12, and that was just the beginning. He’s been working on circuitry ever since! At 18, he owned his first motor scooter, which he would modify and make upgrades to, and was met with both good and bad outcomes. Always open to trial and error and thrilled with the opportunity to learn from failures, Thomas will never become complacent or dull in his role as engineering supervisor at Advantech. Working on projects from beginning to end, he is involved with pre-sales discussions, post-sales projects and technical support. As a leader for his team of engineers, he enjoys getting his hands dirty to solve problems and support cases with his team. With the mindset that there is always more to learn, Thomas continues to challenge himself and his team as he guides them through new and exciting applications. It is to his delight to witness the amazing innovations that eventually get created to propel smart cities. As a new father, he will continue to meet challenges head on and celebrate achievements in both his personal and professional life.
3. Shawn Fan
  • Title: PM Supervisor
  • Specialty: Embedded IoT
    As the Product Manager Supervisor in charge of the SOM/Computer on module product line, Shawn likes to push himself to the next level in both his personal and professional endeavors. His resourcefulness and exceptional organization skills allow him to come up with thoroughly researched and informed solutions on both the product-side and project-side. On the product-side, he develops plans based on business trends and industry information to find the right solution for the right partners. On the project-side, he communicates and coordinates with various teams to continually motivate their collaborative efforts to complete projects, meet goals and close deals together. Previously a hardware engineer, Shawn brings his experience, fresh perspective and hint of perfectionism to his current role at Advantech. He enjoys the challenges of juggling a wide range of projects and pulling together various resources to find the optimal solutions with his team. Shawn’s unrelenting self-discipline and excellent work ethic stem from his dedication towards health and fitness. He can be found in the gym working out 6 days of the week! Always striving for improvement and progressive change, Shawn will continue to propel himself and his team towards many more successes and accomplishments.
4. Ping Liu
  • Title: System Engineering & Integration Manager
  • Specialty: Amazing Talent
    Ping Liu is a System Engineer and Integration Manager. His role is to ensure the system integration design, ranging from small embedded systems to large systems, is managed with no obstacles. He is also responsible for certification support.

    While working at his dad’s textile factory, he would often get electric shocks when handling various fabrics. The fear and curiosity of these electrical shocks led him to study further in Electrical Engineering while in college. He was able to understand how electrical appliances function by learning circuit theories, which he then applied to repair all kinds of appliances for his friends and neighbors. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial computing, he has become a seasoned engineer. He is often referred to as the foundation for the team in times of weathering difficult situations. His knowledge of the embedded industry, attention to the smallest technical details, and undivided focus and compassion for others has made him a force for our company and our customers.

    Ping recently learned about quantum computers, which has super-sonic fast data processing capacity. He enjoys sharing his fascinations and has conversations with his sons about emerging innovation. His family life and work experience has given him the power of patience, which he feels is the key to solving difficult challenges.

5. Jing Huang (ACG Engineer)
  • Title: Application Engineer
  • Specialty/Focus: Breaking Down Complex Projects
    Jing began his career at Advantech in Taiwan before making his way more recently to sunny California’s Irvine office. With his passion for learning and curiosity for the unknown, Jing enjoys tackling issues and answering customer inquiries. As with any project, he helps customers solve their technical issues by assessing the complications, and providing clear simple guidance. His passions lean towards technical aspects, as well as towards customer service, allowing Jing to transform complex support into friendlier laymen terms. He truly enjoys his customer interactions and conversations, as each case is different and offers a valuable learning lesson in innovation and/or technology outlook. His inquisitive nature and genuine interest give Jing a bright eyed enthusiasm and fresh take on various projects. As a great source of product knowledge, Jing is a beacon for the Advantech team and its partners. He openly welcomes anyone and everyone to share with him their latest findings, new skills or entertaining stories.
6. Sandy Hoang
  • Title: Lead Application Engineer
  • Specialty/Focus: Network/Cloud Computing
    Sandy continues to grow in the field as a lead application engineer supporting the largest division in the U.S.A. Her long tenure has given her visibility to all kinds of projects and innovations. This experience is critical in dealing with key customers that demand quick troubleshooting results and or support to launch their new solution. Her ability to think broadly across all products/platforms gives her an edge to assist customers and solve the unsolvable. Sandy also lends her hands to the production team, addressing issues in configuration and testing phases. Always ready and willing to provide her support and insight, Sandy is a great resource and asset for Advantech.
    Her motto, “no big deal”, exemplifies her generally unflustered persona. With her training and expertise, she carefully deliberates and considers all courses of action to face any given challenge.
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