A4C Cincinnati: Habitat For Humanity’s Rock the Block!

ACI’s A4C team included Cassie Cornell, Danielle Dooley, Rob Tonnis, Ken Dennen, Jake Benjamin, Tyler Hack and Susan Nouhan posing infront of Miss Malvina’s home we “rocked”!


By Susan Nouhan

Early morning, April 29th, volunteers from the Greater Cincinnati area came together in a local community for one purpose – to ROCK THE BLOCK! And did we ever! More than 400 volunteers scattered to their assignments wearing the recognized Rock the Block T-shirts. Depending on the size of our teams, we were sent to a residential property or small business to essentially do a “make-over”. We pulled, chopped, shoveled, painted, trimmed and planted all things landscaping to give a face lift to a senior citizens home who was turning 81 this year — Miss Malvina. She was endearing to our A4C team throughout the day with smiles, hugs and gratitude for making a difference in her life! Twenty-seven other homeowner projects and five community projects were completed that same day.

In addition to our hours of service we sponsored $3k to Habitat for Humanity knowing the funds will continue to perpetuate goodwill in needy communities and businesses who need a hand up! Habitat for Humanity is well known around the globe – it’s established in over 70 countries and all 50 states in the US. Please consider getting involved in your local Habitat for Humanity chapter – the aching hands and backs will fade but the memories will last a life time! ■

  • 400 Participants
  • Completed 27 Homeowner Projects
  • Completed 5 Community Projects

The photos above depict the resident’s owner – Miss Mavina; Rob Tonnis’ excitement at using a power tool and a few Advantecher’s removing weeds and adding mulch for a flower bed.

Rob Tonnis and Tyler Hack removed a decayed tree to make room for new plants.

Our $3K sponsorship sign displayed in the resident’s yard.

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