Advantech Gives Back


Advantech is a purpose-driven company that places as much value in having a social purpose and making a positive impact, as it does in being a global leader in industrial computing and embedded technology. At our core, we believe in altruism and strive to go beyond our primary mission of working with our partners and contributing to their success, to also connect with and give back to our communities and society as a whole.

We believe this approach helps us attract top talent who share our values and ultimately that it helps shape a better brand and culture.

Here are just a few ways Advantech is honored to give back:

  • Care for the Environment. Advantech is devoted to building sustainable supply chains that focus on green design, manufacturing and products. We never allow toxic substances, as specified by worldwide laws and regulations, to be used in our products. In addition to environmental protection practices, Advantech also recognizes that nature is vital to our survival as a planet. We strongly encourage our Advantechers to spend more time outdoors and specifically arrange for all kinds of close-to-nature and ecological friendly journeys for them, such as: visits to organic farms and tea plantations. This enables our employees to really understand and enjoy the beauty of our planet and the cycles of nature.
  • Sponsor for the Arts. Advantech believes in enriching lives through the arts and has allocated some of its resources to providing a series of recreational artistic and cultural activities for its employees. We host artistic and cultural salons, and other large music appreciation fellowship activities regularly, with the aim of better enabling the spiritual growth of Advantechers. Additionally, Advantech sponsors the “Huayang Award” watercolor painting competition, and other artistic activities and shows. We not only supply sponsorship support, but also encourage our employees to actively participate in similar artistic and cultural activities to enrich our society.
  • Public Outreach. Since 2008, the Advantech Foundation has solicited social welfare proposals to appraise and reward non-profit community organizations with excellent performance. Additionally, we also encourage employees to convert their charitable inspirations into real-life action, by taking an active role in volunteer activities provided by Advantech or other organizations.
  • Volunteer Works. We strongly encourage Advantechers to participate as volunteers — including supporting charity sales, aiding the disadvantaged, tutoring and other worthy causes. While weekend afternoons may be spent relaxing at home for some, our Advantech Able Club members are out sharing their time and resources volunteering within their local communities. Additionally, we actively promote a “people-centered innovation campaign” to give all volunteers a valuable experience through participation—sharing, giving and spreading public welfare experiences for the benefit of a social innovation study to make our community better.
  • Enterprise Academia Collaboration. Advantech thinks industry and academic cooperation, integrated with innovation and learning, is a key element in driving social progress. Advantech provides the following Enterprise Academia Collaboration programs:
    • IoT & Intelligent Systems Research Center
    • AIoT Developer InnoWorks
    • Enterprise-Academy Crossover Collaboration
    • Early Design Campaign Competition
    • Elite Internship Program
  • Local Support. At its North American headquarters based in Orange County, Calif., Advantech is committed to not only its national and global CSR initiatives, but also to supporting its local community. The Orange County office supports first responders through the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association and the OCPFA Fallen Firefighters Relief Fund. Also, every Fourth of July, the team attends and supports the Irvine Police Association’s fireworks show, and attends the OC Police Canine Association’s K9 demonstration benefit show. Additionally, Advantech’s Orange County employees aid local non-profit organizations like Human Option and Second Harvest Food Banks, by volunteering their time and donating goods. Advantech is thankful to have the support of the local Orange County community and enjoys the opportunity to give back!

Participating in these programs is a way to temporarily alleviate tension in the workplace, while simultaneously creating an intangible bond between company, employees and community. A strong relationship between employees and with the company allows everyone to see the bigger picture, volunteer and serve others – it’s a positive circle of connecting and giving back.

Looking ahead, Advantech aims to continue evolving and growing its CSR initiatives and programs to have an even greater global impact.

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