Advantech Joins Hands with Other Enterprises to Achieve Mutually Beneficial IoT WISE-PaaS 3.0 Relationships

As Industry 4.0 matures, industrial cloud computing platforms are attracting greater interest as more companies compete for market share. In recent years, Advantech has focused on the industrial cloud and created the WISE-PaaS IIoT cloud platform—a special software and hardware Solution Ready Package (SRP) with partners using WISE-PaaS.

At the first IoT Co-Creation Summit held on November 2nd, the “WISE-PaaS IIoT Platform Technology and Business Support” forum launched an exciting new SRP model between Advantech and its partners.

Intersection of Smart Manufacturing

With the continuous advancement of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, traditional manufacturers in China face the challenge of transforming and upgrading to smart manufacturing.

According to the “2017-2018 China Smart Manufacturing Report,” the market size of China’s smart manufacturing system solutions reached 106 billion yuan in 2016, representing a year-on-year increase of 18.4%. The report points out that China has built more than 200 digital workshops or smart factories. It is estimated that the scale of China’s smart manufacturing market will soon exceed 220 billion yuan in 2020.

Within the blue ocean of smart manufacturing, the transformation of traditional manufacturing into smart manufacturing is already well underway. However, in the process of transforming, traditional manufacturing processes are still subject to various constraints. “We are faced with many problems in the application of industrial software,” said Beijing Ewin Information Technology’s CTO James Yuan. “Factors such as insufficient reserves of smart manufacturing equipment, difficulty in optimizing business processes, short supply in key resources for IT development/operation/maintenance, and challenges in coordinating project integration have all constrained the development of smart manufacturing.”

Yuan believes that the core of manufacturing competitiveness lies in expertise, process specifications, smart manufacturing applications, and cloud platforms. “The Advantech WISE-PaaS brings a lot of value to smart manufacturing SRP suppliers. For example, IIoT hardware has reached device interconnection, the platform visualization software has achieved dynamic display, and the AFS platform (AI Framework Service) has overcome the obstacles of new technological application.”

In response to the development of the IoT industry, Advantech proposed three major stages of strategy. In the first stage, addressing embedded hardware platforms, involves the basic task of data acquisition – such as edge computing and terminal products where Advantech possesses abundant experience. The improvement of the WISE-PaaS IIoT Cloud Platform with industrial PaaS is at the core of Advantech’s efforts for the second stage of IoT development.

In 2015, Advantech launched the WISE-PaaS IIoT Cloud Platform as a flexible, innovative, and cross-cloud mobile platform. WISE-PaaS includes public cloud and private cloud services, providing customers with a complete development environment and assistance for customers in the management and operation of IoT cloud services for various industrial applications. For each vertical industry, Advantech creates an SRP application solution for the IoT industry that integrates software and hardware and can be quickly reproduced. Based on WISE-PaaS development industry-specific solutions, co-creative partners can achieve cross-platform data utilization, visualization, and cloud service applications all at the same time.

The ultimate goal of Advantech’s co-creation model with the Internet of Things is to realize and assist in the development of cloud platform solutions that integrate IoT applications, not only for vertical industry solutions but also the third phase of Advantech’s IoT development. Through cooperation with vertical industry partners, IoT solutions can be rapidly spread to other applications in industries like energy, the environment, and smart cities.

WISE-PaaS 3.0 is Gaining Momentum

At the Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit, Advantech Chief Technology Officer Allan Yang explained, “The IIoT data platform is still facing the challenge of high fragmentation resulting from the industrial edge at this stage, requiring expertise in vertical areas and integration with workflow. Advantech has clearly defined its position and is committed to accelerating the application of SRP in various industries, providing a development environment for partners with the expectation to build a complete IoT industrial supply chain.”

Advantech’s WISE-PaaS 3.0 platform technology was unveiled at the forum with many co-creation partners, and the IRP industrial solution SRP based on WISE-PaaS was jointly announced and revealed.

Device Remote Operation Service

This connects a wide variety of field device controls and communication protocols, and supports the latest edge computing EdgeX Foundry open source standards with built-in device management and workflow integration combined with an AI Framework Service (AFS) to accelerate the deployment of AIOT devices.


Since current industrial equipment cannot fully depict a “digital virtual” model, the presentation of industrial materials is often complicated and disorderly. In this regard, WISE-PaaS/Dashboard is committed to providing a more intuitive, orderly, and easy-to-use form of data presentation, giving value to the data and making it a driving force for productivity and efficiency. WISE-PaaS/Dashboard supports a wide range of data sources and databases to handle complex industrial scenarios in a visual way. In addition to supporting a variety of official mainstream plug-ins, there is also a wealth of business scenarios with customized plugins to meet the highly fragmented needs of IIoT. This enables partners in all fields to quickly build their own information intelligence rooms.

Process Visualization & Cloud Config Tool

Supports customized graphics components and can import 3D modeling, draw interactive images, and display key management data on a millisecond-level screen. WISE-PaaS/Dashboard assists users in obtaining data values and improving operational efficiency. WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer 3D supports standard generic .OBJ and .MTL 3D geometry file formats. It can import SaaS Composer 2D files for detailed presentations with millisecond-level screen redraws to present real-time enhanced data values. Combined with 3D object and 2D animation, it offers optimized performance.

AI Model Training and Deployment Service

Provides a simple operating interface that allows developers to quickly import industrial data, combine AI algorithms, build an effective inference engine, and automatically deploy to the edge computing platform. At the same time, AFS provides automated model accuracy management, model retraining, and redeployment. AFS also manages multiple AI models in the application scenario, providing automated model accuracy enhancement and model life-cycle management services.

“The integration and connection of the IoT industrial supply chain is not something that can be achieved alone, it requires teamwork. IoT involves all walks of life, and the connection from the upper stream to the lower stream is never an easy thing to do,” said Advantech CEO KC Liu. He also said that it is necessary to work closely with partners to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes when creating IoT solutions. “At present, Advantech has initiated co-creation cooperation with various partners and has developed domain focused system integration,” said KC.

Advantech expects to develop 60 co-creation projects within the next three years. Advantech has already communicated with nearly 100 companies across an array of industries for co-creation projects, and several projects are already in progress. For example, Advantech worked together with the China’s GSD Industrial Co., Ltd sewage treatment company to create a smart cloud platform for water treatment and purification. Advantech joined forces with KINGLEKE to create UShop+, a smart convenience retail store. Advantech also teamed up with TBL to create featherweight logistics automation technology based on IAOT (IoT+BI+AI).

As CEO Liu put it, “Co-creation requires all partners to work together to build the Internet of Things through cross-industry alliances. Advantech is working hard with its co-creation partners to win the future of IoT.”

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