Co-Creating the Future of Industry 4.0


In the three phases of IoT growth, Advantech is transforming from a hardware provider to a service provider and we are actively engaged in co-creating domain focused solutions with partners from various industries. Advantech strategies align with corporate initiatives in an effort to partner with our customers and guide them into their Industry 4.0 future.

Advancing Toward a New Era of Industry 4.0

In the world of manufacturing and IoT, fragmentation is commonly an advantage where each component has its precise operational value that passes on to the next component in the supply chain. This creates an issue for factories ready to move towards Industry 4.0 technology but don’t have the capability to interconnect. Legacy and new infrastructure have different protocols, brands, and ecosystem which limit a corporation’s ability to quickly migrate to a new cloud-based platform. Having a unified factory is imperative for production as well as interconnected data sharing.

Interconnectivity between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) is the biggest obstacle to overcome. As a leader in Industry 4.0 solutions, Advantech has focused on the industrial cloud and the WISE-PaaS IIoT cloud platform, as well as developed Solution Ready Package (SRP) that combines hardware and software into integrated industrial applications. Advantech provides SRPs for factories and manufacturing operations and provide a true “plug-and-play” provisioning option for customers. These provisioning tools create a multi-connectivity platform for wireless, cellular and wired technologies with dedicated software immediately available upon deployment. Our solutions are an easy and fast way to integrate IoT and cloud data services with any number of industrial devices.

The Transformation of Corporate Strategies

Advantech proposed three major phases of strategy in response to the development of the IoT and Industry 4.0. In the first phase, Advantech addresses embedded hardware platforms and terminal products, involving the basic task of data acquisition and edge computing. The WISE-PaaS IIoT Cloud Platform and the Solution Ready Package (SRP) is at the core of Advantech’s efforts for the second phase of IoT development. The final phase is Advantech’s co-creation model to realize the development of cloud platform solutions that integrate IoT applications with vertical industry partners.

Advantech is in the transition from phase I to phase II of IoT development strategy, and heading to phase III business. Therefore, the WISE-PaaS cloud platform is key momentum for the SRP development. WISE-PaaS, an integrated IoT services platform with complete edgeto-cloud architecture, allows SRP developers and system integrators to easily and securely connect, manage, and assimilate IoT data on a large scale, as well as process and analyze/visualize data in real time. Featured with a complete set of development tools, WISE-PaaS streamlines IoT solution deployment and allows system integrators to focus on their domain of expertise.

We are enabling co-creation with domain-focused system integrators. We have recognized the need for SRPs and have evolved with rapid changes in technology to foster partnerships with domain-focused integrators to create innovative co-creation solutions in an Industry 4.0 environment and IoT future businesses.

True Connection with the Cloud

Not every service labeled “IoT” is truly internet connected and integrated with cloud platform solutions. With a true connection to the cloud, smart factories can amass data and share it within the corporation for better analytics and machine learning optimized solutions. Cloud and Industry 4.0 solutions are at the center of Advantech’s smart factory strategies to provide a global connection between machinery.

Plug-and-play provisioning easily connects smart factories to the cloud, but the biggest hurdle is finding the right cloud platform. Advantech’s WISE-PaaS cloud platform designed to empower cloud services provides a highly secure, multi-tenancy architecture with automatic expansion to create a highly robust data platform for Advantech’s domain-focused cloud services or customer’s own cloud services. Advantech isn’t just a hardware solution manufacturer anymore. We recognize the rapidly evolving future in IoT and the cloud and developed a software and hardware platform solution with AI and IoT (AIoT) edge to cloud architecture. Whether you need simple APIs already bundled with our hardware or complete software and hardware platforms, such as our SRP to help with your pain points, complete IoT solutions can be found in our Wise-PaaS software and services portal.

Advantech makes connectivity to the cloud easy where machinery can connect, quickly communicate and release data. This data is collected from a variety of machinery sensors and environment triggers and sent securely via the cloud. Data analytics is vital to an optimized factory, and Advantech solutions provide for PLM and ERP analytical tools. Advantech WISE-PaaS utilizes cloud technology, virtualization, elastic scaling and data infrastructure to facilitate data sharing with all devices throughout the corporation. This cloud utilization also brings better analytics as our partners can employ a wide range of intelligent and data-driven applications.

WISE-PaaS VIP Alliance and Co-Creation Model Are Key to IoT Success

In order to help partners solve IoT application challenges and take those applications to market, Advantech leverages its WISE-PaaS VIP Alliance to provide comprehensive development service, including development tools, professional consultant and technical support services. WISE-PaaS VIP members with Advantech have several key benefits. We offer consulting and training services to rapidly get started with Industry 4.0 technology, global co-marketing with leading consultants, and an ecosystem co-prosperity collaboration. System integrators and software developers can join the partner program to obtain cloud-based software solutions that facilitate innovation for IoT. Collaboration with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS program helps our partners rapidly develop and deploy Industry 4.0 solutions.

With the foundation of around 150 WISE-PaaS VIP members worldwide, our co-creation business model was introduced to help partners adapt to the challenges of IoT deployment. Advantech will sign co-creation contracts with domain-focused system integrators (DFSI), providing partners with domain-focused solutions integrating software and hardware to co-create business opportunities and achieve a win-win scenario.

We plan to build business ties with 20 more DFSI partners in 2019 and then pursue an annual increase of 20 such firms from 2020 on. Our collaboration with worldwide partners gives customers comprehensive coverage for all phases of any IoT project.

Co-Creating the Future of Industry 4.0

It takes an army to move a mountain, so Advantech collaborates with partners with its co-creation business model to change the way our industry thinks. Our partners share resources and work with market specialist to find what would benefit corporations the most. To find the most advanced and beneficial solution in Industry 4.0, together our partners and Advantech change the way we think, invent and innovate. Our future is measured by our partners’ ability to dream. With Advantech strategies, corporations can catapult into the future and harness the power Industry 4.0 has to offer.

Building better solutions, helping customers save money, and optimizing smart factories to build an intelligent world will continue to be our biggest priority. We look forward to hosting over 60 Co-Creation Partner Conferences (CCPCs) around the world in the near future. Join Advantech and learn more about becoming a VIP member and see how together we can collaborate and create Industry 4.0 SRPs that turn your ecosystem into a smart factory using AI, IoT, and WISE-PaaS architecture.

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