The People Behind the Products

Joselito has been with Advantech for 13 years, the longest job he’s ever been with! As senior application engineer, he works closely with R&D, Product Management and Quality team to resolve technical issues. But Jose’s role is not just a desk job. He actively participates in tradeshows (when they were still happening) – assisting with booth setup, product demonstrations and support. He is also a mentor to junior application engineers, drawing from his own experience and growth at Advantech. He is a support, a guide and a leader to newcomers who are new to the field, or just new to Advantech. When not at work developing test plans, capturing and analyzing data, writing technical reports or assisting in the design of new products, Jose enjoys tinkering around at home. He enjoys home improvement projects, 3D printing, as well as various electronics builds. His adrenaline-seeking side enjoys watching MMA matches (emphasis on the ‘watching’) and Formula 1 racing. While you may not catch him in the octagons, you might be able to find him on the go-cart track cruising through turns and long straightaways.

As application engineer, Tuan Vu assists, guides and troubleshoots customer issues, objectives and inquiries. His passion for technology and its impact on mankind drive his interest and curiosity in future innovations. Technology is what separates humans from other animals, and we will never stop innovating. Having been a part of the Advantech team for three years, Tuan continues to learn and fuel his passion for technology. He continues to think outside the box and strive for greatness – whether it be to address customer issues or for his own personal growth. The pursuit of innovation and exploration is also reflected in Tuan’s interest in space and the yearning to travel to the outer limits of Earth. This yearning echoed by an anonymous quote, “We are the middle children of history. Born too late to explore earth, born too early to explore space.” Although with a touch of self-deprecating humor, Tuan always likes to make people smile and laugh. He won’t get you down; when life is tough, he will find a way to make it better.

A decade and counting at Advantech! Ronny Tao is a board design manager for ODM projects with the Engineering Design Center team. He leads a team of five members and responds to various support needs for ODM and Computer On Module design requests, questions and debugs from customers. His passion towards always improving pushes him to always find better ways in both work and life situations. In addition to reading and playing video games and cell phone games, Ronny also enjoys discovering different food and cuisines. His budding foodie philosophy also reflects his drive and willingness to find better ways. He believes all ingredients can become a gourmet treat if it is prepared in the correct way. Bad dishes simply means the right methods have not been used or found yet. But for Ronny there is always a way. And soon, he hopes to transition from simply tasting to elaborately cooking.

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